Bud Jones Restaurant

About us

It all began back in 1958, when Bud Jones returned from a long journey working in the merchant marines and as master chef on a luxury cruise liner. Having grown up at his father's famous "Bob Jones Restaurant" on Roosevelt Avenue, Bud decided to try his own hand in the restaurant business, and opened Bud Jones Restaurant in what was once Walsh's Grocery Store on Military and Commercial. Bud served his first plate of fish and chips in October of 1958. The very day of the restaurant's grand opening, Bud was literally overwhelmed with business. He excused himself from his customers, ran out the back door and begged a woman hanging her laundry next door to please come and help him. Bernice Housos would become Bud Jones's first employee. She continued working at the restaurant for the next 50 years until her death in 2008. Our employees have a habit of sticking around. Many have been with us for more than 25 years. Over the years, the building that houses Bud Jones Restaurant has gone through many changes and additions, including a devastating fire in 1978, and more recently, a global pandemic that almost shut us down. Some restaurants would have never recovered, but thanks to a tremendous amount of help and support from Bud's generous and loyal customers, Bud Jones Restaurant has continued to remain.     Bud's daughter Kathy would take over in 1985 and carry on the Family's legacy until 2019, where she would then pass the reins to her daughter, Kaycee. Who will continue working on the family tradition, ensuring that Bud Jones Restaurant remains a part of San Antonio's landscape for years to come! If you're a long-time customer, we thank you for your continued patronage. If you've never dined with us before, come visit us and see why we've been a San Antonio favorite since 1958.

Breakfast Specials and Delicious Fried Fish and More!

When you want mouthwatering homestyle cooking in San Antonio, TX, come to Bud Jones Restaurant. We are serving all of your homestyle favorites. From the best enchiladas around to seafood like fried shrimp to comfort foods like chicken fried steak and more, we have something to please everyone!

Homestyle cooking isnt hard to find in San Antonio, TX, but Bud Jones Restaurant does it the best! From the best enchiladas in the area, to delicious chicken fried steak and fried shrimp and fish and more, we like to bring meals to the table that remind you of a home cooked meal.

We think of our customers as family and we put the time and effort to ensure that everyone that orders our meals are pleased.

When you want the best enchiladas and breakfast specials in San Antonio, TX, count on Bud Jones to satisfy your appetite. We offer the comforts of home through our flavorful dishes and we'll leave you coming back for more.